Lambi's magic island

An Ios Meditation

An invitation to my world


 The colours & movements of the sea, the different textures of wood, the shapes of shells - these have held a continuing fascination for me throughout my life. Although I have always been involved in some way with creative projects - whether with painting backgrounds & props for amateur dance performances, or creating artefacts for teaching purposes, or making jewellery, or just sketching the shape of objects that caught my fancy - it was only after we moved to Greece, I was able to give full rein to my creativity.


Starting with paper mache, I experimented with paper, canvas, board & wood, using mainly water-based paints & inks & found objects. All these lent themselves in different ways to my search to depict the world around me & to look deeper into the mystical origins of nature itself & the living beings that dwell there.


Having discovered the island of my dreams - Ios - at an early age & still living there for part of every year, I find that the things I create are heavily influenced by the rhythm of island life & the energy that comes from being surrounded by the sea. Coming from a larger island - Great Britain - the awareness of the sea & its moods has played a large role in my art.


I believe that everything in nature is made up of energies that come together to form larger fields of energy. What intrigues me are the intricate way our energies connect, combine & mingle with each other & in so doing, produce new & different energies. Below the surface of most objects I see hidden shapes that are in continual flow & fluctuation. My art is a search to discover & portray these forms - a soul search into the inner being & meaning of things I see around me - and an attempt to bring this inner core meaning to the surface.


Not only do I work with visual arts, but at the moment I am writing a series of stories about my experiences in Ios in the 1970's & '80's. You can find these at <>


I hope that I have managed to capture the feeling I have when I'm creating of being at one with the world around me & I hope those who view my works can also experience some of the emotions that have gone into my art & writings. Welcome to my world!